A way of supporting the church through our time and talent

At Westside UU Church, we have a variety of committees where members can support our community in ways that match their interests and expertise.  From accounting, to building use, social justice and even digital communications, our committees keep the Church functioning and supporting the community at large.  Members don't have to join a committee to be a part of Westside or support the Church, but many find it rewarding to do so. 

Below are a handful of Westside's Committees:

Aesthetics and Building Use

This committee works to create an attractive, informative, and welcoming environment for visitors, friends, and maintain the integrity of our property and the meaningful use of our building

Adult Religious Education

Adult RE committee manages a variety of activities to support the emotiona, intellectual and spiritual growth of its members.  Learn more about Adult RE.

Children's Religious Education

The Children's RE Committee helps to provide a safe environment that encourages development of an open mind, 
helping hands and a loving heart in our children and youth.  Learn more about Children's RE.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications, or "DigComm" manages the official electronic communications and messaging of the church, from social media outlets like Facebook, to the website you're currently on.  


The Finance Committee works with the treasurer in their duties, prepares the annual budget, reviews and assesses church investment and insurance policies. They also work with the Stewardship Committee in preparation for the annual stewardship drive.


This committee helps create activities that encourage visitor and member interest and participation. This includes scheduling ushers and greeters, newcomer classes, new member recognition, welcoming phone calls and calls to absent members, letters to first time visitors, and other practical ideas to make all feel welcome.

Social Justice

The purpose of this committee is to serve as a focal point for Westside’s service and social advocacy efforts. These activities include organizing our monthly meal service at Samaritan House, managing our micro bank fund which has distributed $10K to needy people worldwide, and coordination of other activities related to our local, national and world ministries.  Westside is proud of our committment to Social Justice.  


The Worship Team runs our weekly services, from lighting our chalice to reading the "Time for All Ages", they keep our worship service running smoothly.  Learn more about Westside's Worship Program.