Our current stewardship campaign

GOAL: 100 pledge units pledging $300,000

Each week our worship associate welcomes us with the following words:

Welcome to Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, where compassion leads us to work for justice and equality. Be you a spiritual seeker, an atheist or a theist, Westside is a community of many beliefs, genders, and sexualities; a community of diverse cultural, racial, and class backgrounds; a community of varied abilities and gifts. Some here find inspiration in the great books, others in the great outdoors, and others still, in great conversations. Whoever you may be, all are welcome in our inclusive congregation.

In these challenging times, keeping our flame lit is of vital importance. As we prepare for the next church
year (July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025) we ask you to consider giving at a level that reflects the value you
hold for Westside. We have been operating on a deficit budget for the last couple of years which is
obviously not sustainable and we are asking for everyone’s help to turn that around. If you are currently
pledging, consider increasing your pledge. If you are not currently pledging, we would ask that you begin
to contribute to the benefits that you receive through your participation.

The board made the very important decision to hire our Minister Emeritus, the Reverend Doctor Russell
Elleven to return as our remote/contract minister for one year with the possibility of an extension to two.
With his proven guidance and leadership, we anticipate a time of reflection, redirection, and
rejuvenation! Now is the time for us all to step up with our resources and give to the future of Westside.

Please take time to peruse the materials below starting with a snapshot of Where We Stand. The Program Pie Chart to the right gives you a general idea of how our funds are distributed. The Quintile Analysis graphs our per person giving trends now and where we wish/need them to be. The Fair Share Giving Guide will help you calculate
percentages of giving using your annual income as a guide. Finally, you will find a Financial Commitment Form which we would like you to return on or before Sunday, April 14 - Commitment Sunday. Thank you so much for your time and consideration of this important personal commitment for the life of our church community. FLAME ON!

Westside UU Church

2024-2025 Commitment Campaign