Transition Information

About Our Ministerial Transition

We are pleased to announce that an interim minister has been selected.  Rev. Frieda Gillespie will begin her work as Westside's new Interim Minister in August.

Interim Minister, Rev. Frieda Gillespie, will be arriving at Westside later this summer. Because she and her spouse plan to maintain their home in Massachusetts, they are not going to move all their furniture and household items when they move to Fort Worth. They plan to fly to DFW with their pets and have their car shipped here.  Rev. Frieda has rented a home and would be very grateful if anyone has any furniture and/or  household items you are willing to donate. She does plan to purchase a bed but could use items for the living room and kitchen.

Please contact Carol Cappa at 817-229-9017 or Julie at the church at 817-924-6988