Adult Forum

A group conversation about current events guided by Unitarian Universalist values

The Adult Forum (AF) meets from 9:00 am to 10:00 am in the Emerson classroom and, concurrently, via Zoom.  Anyone wishing to participate via Zoom can contact Pete Meador at to receive the Zoom link. 

AF provides Westside members, friends, and visitors the opportunity to participate in group conversations about current events.  No matter what the specific topic of a particular conversation may be, the underlying purpose of these conversations is to share ideas about how we can promote social and economic justice in the world around us... from local to state to national to global levels.

Typically, the group decides at the beginning of each session which topics will be discussed.  At times, we discuss a single topic after hearing a presentation from a speaker who provides important information about the topic.  The group is led by a moderator to assure that all who wish to contribute to the discussion have the opportunity to do so.




On Sundays the Adult Forum will be held at our regular time (9:00 am) every Sunday in the Emerson classroom and, concurrently, via Zoom.

If you are a visitor (first time visitor or a repeat visitor) or a church member who has not attended the Forum before and wish to attend virtually, please contact Pete Meador at and he will send you the link and instructions via email.