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If you are coping with illness or another life crisis situation or if you know someone who is please contact the Westside Pastoral Care Team via You needn’t be alone; someone from our Pastoral Care Team will reach out to you.

Pastoral Care Team members assist the minister in providing pastoral care to the members and friends of our congregation through a listening ministry of presence. The purpose of the program is to extend the care of the congregation through one-to-one caring and helping activities by lay members of the congregation to those who are in special need.  This team also handles our In-Reach Fund, which provides short-term financial support for a member or friend in good standing in a time of need.

Additionally, a separate Caring Team provides concrete support during periods of need, such as coordinating meal deliveries to the home of one recovering from illness, or arranging rides, and helping with receptions for memorial services. To request support, you can drop a message directly to this team at; be sure to give details. Or, members may contact the Caring Team coordinator, Judith Clements, to discuss your need and get assistance. (You will find her contact info in the church directory.) If you are interested in serving on this on-call team, which does not meet but is coordinated by email, drop a message to and ask to be added to the Caring Team email list.  

Pastoral Care Team 

Mission: In the spirit of our first UU principle, "to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person,” we strive to convey a dependable, inclusive and discreet ministry of hope and caring so that no member of our congregation need be alone.

Covenant: We covenant to the congregation and each other to work with our minister, lifespan religious education director, our community network, and the facilitators of our church groups in a continuing process to cherish and care for all members and friends of our church community.

As Pastoral Care Team members we covenant with each other:
•To give mutual support, fellowship, and advice to each other;
•To practice mindful self-care;
•To meet on a regular basis for support and continuing education;
•To invest time and effort to assist each other towards our personal & spiritual growth.

In our role as a Pastoral Care Team we will:
•Visit the ill and infirm
•Support those going through major life changes or crises
•Maintain contact with those unable to attend church due to health reasons
•Support friends and family involved in care giving
•Comfort the bereaved
•Handle all personal information we are exposed to with the highest level of confidentiality and care
•Support the development of the next wave of Pastoral Care Team members to ensure a continuity of pastoral care in our congregation

Our Pastoral Care Team Members possess the following qualifications:
•Enthusiasm for pastoral care and mindfulness of the sacred trust we hold
•Strong listening skills
•Ability to preserve confidentiality
•Exhibit a non-anxious presence
•Ability to maintain healthy boundaries

To have your Joy or Concern shared with the congregation during Sunday worship, please complete the form below.  You can also email your joy or concern directly to  

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