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A way for adults to learn more about UU faith and service to the world

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We are hoping that everyone is staying safe.  Masks and Social Distancing.  As most are aware , Westside UU is not having in person services.  We are Zooming with each other on Sunday and other occasions.

Our hearts and sometimes bodies are with protesters for BLM and social justice.  At the end of last year we studied White fragility, Robin D’Angelo’s best seller.  It was a start of an ongoing journey to become anti-racist in our hearts and minds and behaviors. We examined policies and behaviors that have allowed racism to continue.

In March we met and discussed continuing our journey using “How To Be An Anti-Racist” by Ibram X Kendi’s, book and workbook.  He is also on YouTube and a frequent guest speaker on television shows., ) The consensus at the time was a positive “yes”.  We have begun discussions of how this can happen under the current circumstances.  Once again this is a book that creates discomfort at times, but is always thought provoking in areas that Kendi considers important in becoming an anti-racist.

We are considering meeting on Zoom with the format being all together at the beginning of session, breaking into smaller groups for discussion of chapters, and then coming back together.  It will be important that each person reads the chapters, as this will be read and discuss as we go. This is a learning process for all of us, and everyone is welcome. The workbook provides study to be done and is a guide.

Please email me at our website or or phone me.  I am in the directory.  We would like to know of your interest, time frames that would work, and month that would work.  Also this will be a facilitator lead break out groups, but we are all here to learn together.

Thank you,

Rita Foust, Jane Hardwick, Sue Anderson, and Cindy Fountain 

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Our Mission:

To generate a continuing education program for adults, appealing to a broad range of
interests and Unitarian Universalist experiences, in a variety of educational and informational formats.

Westside's Adult Religious Education opens a wide and welcoming gateway to the opportunities for adult ethical, spiritual, faith and UU identity development. The committee meets bimonthly to consider educational and informational needs and interests of the congregation in keeping with the Mission Statement and Congregational Goals.

The program strives for:

  1. Opportunities to be introduced to new ideas and experiences
  2. Opportunities for people to tell their own stories
  3. Opportunities to deepen understanding of Unitarian Universalism
  4. Encounters with wisdom from the sources of our living Unitarian Universalist tradition—direct experience, words and deeds of prophetic people, the world’s religions, Jewish and Christian tradition, humanist teachings and the guidance of reason, and spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions
  5. Communities of care, support, and concern
  6. Engagement with ethical and moral questions
  7. Calls to faith in action, working within the congregation and in the wider world to build communities or justice and love
  8. Spiritual experiences which inspire, transform, and sustain