Religious Education

Nurturing our members intellectual freedom and spiritual growth

Here at Westside, we offer religious education programs for both adults and children that are interactive, fun, educational, and informational.

Adult Religious Education, also known as Adult RE, offers a variety of programs. The mission of the Adult RE is to generate a continuing education program that appeals to a broad range of intersts and Unitarian Universalist experiences. These programs are offered in a variety of formats that are both educational and informational.rowan colin ian.jpg

We believe our children are the future, and the Children's Religious Education, or CRE, program designed around that idea. The mission of the CRE is to provide a safe environment that encourages development of an open mind, helping hands and a loving heart in our children and youth!

To learn more about the Religious Education Programs we offer at Westside, click on the links below:

A way for adults to learn more about UU faith and service to the world
Fun and nurturing programs for kids at Westside
Supporting teens social, emotional and spiritual growth and maturity