Book Club

Contemporary Book Club

Westside’s Contemporary Book Club is open to all book loving UU’s in the area.  The group selects upcoming books based upon attendee suggestions.  The person who suggests the chosen book is asked to lead the discussion of his/her book and provide a short write-up of the book for the Foreword. 

Our books cover a wide range of literature genres, both fiction and nonfiction.  We try to find books that are easily acquired and not too expensive.  The mission of the book club is to acquaint members with a wide variety of books and authors that they might not ordinarily read and to get better acquainted with book club members.  If you like to read books, we welcome your participation.  We meet the fourth Sunday of the month after second service, except for November and December, when we usually meet only in early December to avoid holiday conflicts.  Our regular meeting place is the Emerson Room, unless it is otherwise engaged.  For more information, contact Linda Hanratty at for more information.  Visitors are always welcome and no rsvp is required.

beantown girls.jpgOur February 23 Book:  Beantown Girls

Jane Healey’s enchanting work of historical fiction, The Beantown Girls, provides the reader with a fresh and heartwarming perspective on a little-known group of dedicated women who volunteered to serve the troops in Europe during World War II. The story follows a trio of courageous young Red Cross volunteers from civilian life until the end of hostilities on VE-day. These women’s job was to serve the troops coffee, donuts, and cigarettes. More importantly, these heroic ladies boosted morale and provided emotional support to Allied soldiers on the front lines. Healey masterfully captures the style, music, dialogue and stereotypes that made that era so great. The engaging personalities and dialogue of these brave ladies in their Red Cross Clubmobiles are sure to captivate the reader.