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2022 Strategic Action Plan

In the fall of 2021, the Westside Board formed a Strategic Planning Team. They were tasked with creating a document that could define our priorities and help ensure the church's future growth and success. To prepare the plan, the team drew from a variety of sources, including gathering direct input from the congregation. The plan was approved by the Board at the August 2022 meeting. 

We thank the individuals who contributed considerable time and effort to this project: Sue Anderson, Rocio Sarmiento-Ayala, Cindy Fountain, Myrtle McMahan, and Dwight Robarts. The link to download the document is below. We hope you will take the time to read the goals of the plan--and we hope you will help us achieve them, too. 

Download the 2022 Strategic Action Plan


Annual Treasurer's Report - June 11, 2023

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your treasurer this year. In addition, I thank all of you
who have been able to fulfill your pledges this year. Pledges are crucial to our church’s stability
and operations.

Now to the numbers, I remind you that last year at the annual meeting the congregation
approved our budget for this year with a deficit of $97,000.00. This means that we planned to
spend $97,000.00 more than we thought we would receive. The good news is that we are doing
much better than we thought we would at this point.

We operate on a fiscal year that begins July 1 each year and ends on June 30 the following
year. From July 1 of last year to May 31 of this year, we received just over $267,000.00 in
pledges and other income. We spent just under $288,000.00. Our deficit so far is approximately
$20,000.00, which is way below our projected deficit last June. I believe this is due to three
things. First, through the end of May, the church has given 5% more than you pledged. Second,
we are carefully controlling our discretionary spending. So much of our budget is fixed, but we
are trying to refrain from spending any more money than we absolutely have to. Three, we have
been fortunate enough to not have any significant emergency spending events.

Please feel free to ask any questions of me regarding our finances. We plan to start putting
monthly financial statements on the website so that anyone may access these reports. Today, I
have with me copies of the balance sheet and the budget percentage report, both as of May 31.
They are on the table at the back of the sanctuary. If we run out, please send me an email at, and I will provide you a digital copy.

Respectfully submitted by
Dwight Robarts, Treasurer



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2020 Board Minutes

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2021-2022 Board Minutes

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03-8-22 Meeting Minutes.pdf 03-8-22_Meeting_Minutes.pdf 5/13/22 139.26 KB
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2022-2023 Board Minutes

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