Best wishes to Rev. Don Strickland

Posted by jeffrodriguez at 8:44 PM on Jul 8, 2023


Don Strickland Formal Portrait 2022.jpgPosted July 8, 2022

Hopefully, all members have heard by now that our contract minister, the Rev. Don Strickland, submitted his resignation last month. Rev. Strickland was not with Westside very long, but in his time with us, he provided a variety of valued services to the church, including giving some excellent reflections from our pulpit. We thank Rev. Don for his service to Westside and wish him nothing but the best in his future pursuits.

What will happen next? The Board, with input from the congregation, will be considering our options as to whether to pursue a contract minister, interim placement begin a search for a settled minister, or a different choice. Of course, regardless of whether or not we have a minister, members and visitors can rest assured that we will continue to have outstanding Sunday services, courtesy of our amazing Worship Team. And on THAT note, please keep in mind that the team is always looking for more help planning our services, so if you are at all interested in helping out, just check with any of the worship leaders--they will be happy to explain how the team works.

Thank you to all the other volunteers who have quietly been serving and continue to serve the church. It is not the building that makes our church, it is the members. And Westside is fortunate to have some truly exceptional members. Love is the doctrine of this church!