Adult RE

A way for adults to learn more about UU faith and service to the world


Acknowledging Black History Month -- Please bring a reading from a black author that has been encouraging, enlightening, or inspirational to share with the group.   Or lines from a song written by a black song writer.

Grab a coffee and we will see you in the Glass Class Room at 10:15 AM.

See you Sunday!



We welcome Coleen Brewer who has had a long time practice of Tai Chi and is currently offering an ongoing Tai Chi group at First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church which will start March 7th 1PM to 2 PM.  Tai Chi other than being fun is also an Evidence Based Practice which practice can increase balance. Maintaining balance is vital to preventing falls.

Welcome Coleen as she leads us in Tai Chi movements.

Our Mission:

To generate a continuing education program for adults, appealing to a broad range of
interests and Unitarian Universalist experiences, in a variety of educational and informational formats.

Westside's Adult Religious Education opens a wide and welcoming gateway to the opportunities for adult ethical, spiritual, faith and UU identity development. The committee meets bimonthly to consider educational and informational needs and interests of the congregation in keeping with the Mission Statement and Congregational Goals.

The program strives for:

  1. Opportunities to be introduced to new ideas and experiences
  2. Opportunities for people to tell their own stories
  3. Opportunities to deepen understanding of Unitarian Universalism
  4. Encounters with wisdom from the sources of our living Unitarian Universalist tradition—direct experience, words and deeds of prophetic people, the world’s religions, Jewish and Christian tradition, humanist teachings and the guidance of reason, and spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions
  5. Communities of care, support, and concern
  6. Engagement with ethical and moral questions
  7. Calls to faith in action, working within the congregation and in the wider world to build communities or justice and love
  8. Spiritual experiences which inspire, transform, and sustain