Humanist Seminar

A Socratic approach to talking about humanist topics

uu-humanist.jpgHUMANISM 101

Through the course of our discussions in January and February, we learned that there was a great desire from many to learn more about the basics of Humanism – its history, characteristics, tenets, followers, etc. We were also interested in how Humanism fits under the umbrella of current Unitarian Universalism. To that end, we began taking a closer look.

Before we began our “stay in place” practice, we were utilizing the perspectives of Jennifer Hancock in our Humanism 101 series. Her mantra is “transforming people’s lives through Humanism”.  She has a Facebook page, a website and numerous videos on YouTube if you are interested in delving into her work more.

Some videos of particular interest are:
Intro to Humanism – Part 1 (general info and philosophy)
Intro to Humanism – Part 2 (historical references)
Humanism FAQ 
Famous Humanists  

The UU Humanist Association has a Facebook page that you can join to be able to connect with fellow Humanists during this global pandemic.

If you would like to visit the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) website regarding Humanism, follow this link.


We are heeding the “stay in place” recommendations at this time and have suspended our regular 1st and 3rd Sunday discussions. However, we do have upcoming Zoom meetings for those who may be interested.  All of these will be at 6:00 pm.  Contact Linda Ice for access to the link.

October 4 and 18: Pete Meador

Over these two sessions, Pete will present the major themes of author Yuval Noah Harari. Harari has written three NYT best selling books: Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. I'll share more detail before the session and as it develops through Pete's planning! 

November 1, 15 (and Dec 6): Reed Bilz

Reed will be presenting three sessions on Michael Werner's book, What Can You Believe If You Don't Believe In God? “Mike Werner captures the depth and breadth of Humanism in his latest work. He shows us what love, reason, imagination and science can have in common. In doing so, he demonstrates what we all have to live for, strive for, and believe in.” Roy Speckhardt, executive director, American Humanist Association. We have received our copy of the book and are looking forward to seeing what Michael Werner shares in it! You will recall, he is the author of Regaining Balance, which we had some discussion about earlier this year. See contents and excerpt here.

November 29: Holiday Happy Hour

We will sneak in a 5th Sunday Happy Hour to kick off the beginning of the holiday season!

December 6: Reed Bilz

Reed will finish up her look and review of Michael Werner's book...

December 20: Humanlight Service led by Linda and Myron