Worship Service

Gathering together in study, song and support

shari 2.jpgWe have worship services every Sunday.  You can see our worship schedule here.

The worship service is led by Reverend Shari and a Worship Associate, and begins with a musical prelude and a welcome to members and visitors alike. We light the chalice, the symbol of our faith, and sing the first of many songs. After reciting our affirmation we sing our second song and have the Time for all Ages (a story read for children and adults) and then we share the congregation's joys and concerns. A short meditation/prayer follows for the congregation and wider world before the offertory, reading, and Reverend Shari's sermon.  Curious about the topic of the service?  Speakers and blurbs are posted on our Facebook page every Friday. You can also see a list of monthly themes here.  

Children are welcome to remain in the sanctuary with their families throughout the service.  

We also sometimes hear from a guest or member when the minister is away.  Occasionally the service follows a different format, centering around ritual, or enactment of a story.

After the sermon, we sing another song, extinguish the chalice, and recite the closing words. After each service we meet in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation.